Friday, 29 August 2014

Plow wind or not a plow wind... that is the question

plow wind [′plau̇ ‚wind]
A term used in the midwestern United States to describe strong, straight-line winds associated with squall lines and thunderstorms; resulting damage is usually confined to narrow zones like that caused by tornadoes; however, thewinds are all in one direction. Also spelled plough wind. Also known as derecho.

This storm on August 8, 2014 was powerful with incredible lighting and of course wind! It tore many trees right from their roots and others just broke. Mine just snapped as we watched from the bedroom window like fools.  We stopped watching after that and naturally headed to the basement for safety.  Luckily the tree did not create a hole in the roof!

This is my house pre-storm. Cute bungalow with meganormous tree and notice the cute fence on the left.

This is post storm. See anything miiiissssinggg???  This picture makes me feel like I like on an acreage with no neighbors.  Good bye tree and good bye fence and oh... good part chunk of my roof.    The tree pieces your see cut are from the branches, not the trunk.  The trunk is... I guess was 46 inches in diameter.

This is one of my favorite pics.  It does a pretty good job of showing how LARGE this tree was. 

This is after my father-in-law and a few people were cutting parts of the tree.  We put all the branches to the front of the yard as the town had a crew of people that would pick them up! 

Yah! Roof shot!  How often can you take a picture like this? 

Tree removed and damage is suddenly noticeable.  Looks a little sad, but at least no one was hurt. 

 The town itself suffered many tree losses.  It looked like a tornado had hit the following morning.

However, as unfortunate as this was I really got to see what the great little town we live in.  The town had crews helping picking debris the following morning, for the next week basically.  At one point, we ourselves had 13++ people helping breakdown the tree (some with saws and even a bobcat) and others offering lunch or moving debris to the trucks that came by.

Now, I just gotta get a contractor in to get 'er fixed.

Best Friends Wedding

Hello Bloggers,

I have been distracted this summer with our best friends wedding, my sister's wedding in September, my MIL's 70 Birthday bash and a nasty storm took part of our house down (I'll say more on this later).

But back to the task at hand... Our best friend was getting married in April (yes, I've been sitting on these pictures for months now)  and decided to write her a poem to give her on their wedding day.  He asked if I could do something with it to make it unique.  I came up with these costers that were nicely wrapped in pretty ribbon.

They took a fair bit of time, but result was awesomeness all around!! I printed out the poem and cut them up so they would fit on each of the costers.  Since the wedding was taking place in Mexico I went with a beach theme.

                                                                 Plain boring coster

All the costers have stamps (many stamps), number stickers, distressing, coloring and clear applique

There is a minimum of 3 layers of clear applique on each coster to give it depth.

Before clear applique was applied to the "cover" coster

                                                                 After application!!

I hope this was a fun project to look at as it was incredibly fun and special to make.

Nicole G