Friday, 29 August 2014

Best Friends Wedding

Hello Bloggers,

I have been distracted this summer with our best friends wedding, my sister's wedding in September, my MIL's 70 Birthday bash and a nasty storm took part of our house down (I'll say more on this later).

But back to the task at hand... Our best friend was getting married in April (yes, I've been sitting on these pictures for months now)  and decided to write her a poem to give her on their wedding day.  He asked if I could do something with it to make it unique.  I came up with these costers that were nicely wrapped in pretty ribbon.

They took a fair bit of time, but result was awesomeness all around!! I printed out the poem and cut them up so they would fit on each of the costers.  Since the wedding was taking place in Mexico I went with a beach theme.

                                                                 Plain boring coster

All the costers have stamps (many stamps), number stickers, distressing, coloring and clear applique

There is a minimum of 3 layers of clear applique on each coster to give it depth.

Before clear applique was applied to the "cover" coster

                                                                 After application!!

I hope this was a fun project to look at as it was incredibly fun and special to make.

Nicole G

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