Monday, 27 October 2014

Daniel's page

It's unbelievable to consider, but this picture is 7 years old now!   Hilariously, my uncle who is from Montreal, PQ, specifically took time off to drive down to my wedding which was in San Francisco but accidentally got the date wrong so he missed it!  He was only late by a few hours as he thought I was getting married on the Sunday, but late is late!  It's something we often laugh about.  However, we did do dinner with him and I am ever so lucky because we went to a place called Morton's and it's still the best restaurant steak I've ever had.   My sister is on the left-she's incredibly photogenic.  My "oncle" (uncle in french) Daniel and me on the right.

In this page I used Tim Holtz Grunge paper for the huge florish.  I painted it and spritzed it and then added those tinnnnny little beads and embossed it for texture.  Then I used some already weird texturized papers for the circles and cut out fleur-de-lis' out of the red one.

The border at the top is using a fleur-de-lis mask.

I used my KNK to cut out the words.

The flourish on the bottom right is my favorite Stampin up Stamp.  Unfortunately, I broke apart my stamps years ago and can't recall the name of the set.  It's only clue is 2007 on the sticker.

Well... I hope you have enjoyed today's scrap page.

Nicole G

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