Monday, 2 November 2015

Blast from my past

Wanna see the past.  Here it is.  This is one of my first "nice" scrap pages I ever made.

This my husband and I on our first trip.  We weren't even dating here we were just friends.  I believe it's November 2005.   It's hard to believe I've known this wonderful caring, supportive man for 10 years already.  

Anyways, this is back when we were living in Edmonton, Alberta.  I'd never even been to Banff, Alberta which is only about 3-4 hours away but always wanted to.  He was from Saskatchewan and hadn't been either.

But enough about nostalgia and back to the page.  I got this scrap page idea from Jennifer McGuire who is super creative and awesome.  I liked the idea of doing a bunch of different patterns behind my main pictures. Almost every square is slightly different from each other. I used stamp scapes stamps for many of the backgrounds.  I felt it was super suited for Banff since the reason you go is for the mountains.  I did a bunch of distressing or embossing.

For the black and brown background I clear embossed a Michaels flourish stamp and then did a thread border.  Something I had never done before and almost never done again.  The black border is from Stampin Up

Just in case you are wondering, Darcy is in a gondola in this picture.

This is absolutely one of my favorite times with my husband.

I hope you have enjoyed today's scrap page.

Nicole G

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