Thursday, 3 January 2013

Curtis Part Un

Throughout this month I am going to showcase the 4 scrap pages I was asked to make for a friend.  He wanted something special for his girlfriend for their first Christmas.  Isn't that just so sweet?  The worlds around the page is the list of songs that played at their first concert.  The picture is from Brewsters, their first date. The distressed blue sheet is from their first game of golf.    I added some embossing to sort of match his shirt on the page and I like how it worked out.  Dried wheat (yes I have dried wheat in my stash) was added as it's part of Brewsters image and both Curtis and Angie are from Saskatchewan.

I took this picture a little early as I didn't notice when I took it that I did not glue down the music notes below the jounal entry... so just picture it being straight for me... okay? LOL.

Hope you like todays creation,

Nicole G


  1. What a nice keepsake you've created Nic and how sweet of him to think of getting you to create it.

  2. Great scrapbook page! How sweet to make this for them.