Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day and My BIRTHDAY!

Today's post has a couple of cards that I made for mother's day.  The first two are similar with just a few changes to play around with the looks of the cards.  I really like the color combination.  Who knew this crazy green, pink and brown go together?

 I used many dies to create this card.  I also used Make-the-Cut with my cutter to create that interesting background piece.   After doing these cards I realized that I only have one stamp for Happy Mother's Day so you know what that means? Shopping!!!

And now for more and exciting news!

Today is my birthday! My husband is well aware of my Lego obsession, especially minifig obsession so this was for my birthday!  He got me a brand new creator series which I LOVE and now I have a cool hospital to build too.

The pictures don't do the faces justice, but this is my favorite so I had to add him.  It's that the best face!  Makes me laugh every time!

Aren't these minfigs like the cutest EVER? They are from the minifig series 10 group.  I am just trying to get the Decorator and the Librarian to finish the ones I want from this series.

I got these creator series a couple of weeks ago in Calgary.  They were meant for me to make later in the month when I have time off, but I couldn't help build them as soon as we got home.  I added a few extra minifigs from my collection.  Now it's like a party house!

This was the second creator house I built.  Isn't this soooo darn CUTE!

I will update you guys on my progress with my new creator series and my hospital as I make them.

Hope you have enjoyed this fun post!

Nicole G


  1. how cool. where do you store them ? as for the color scheme green pink and brown . of course it works pink and green are great together and so are brown and pink. im not a big brown fan but i'll concede brown and pink do work well . terrific use of color scheme

    1. Right now I am storing them either in the livingroom on display or in my bedroom. I might put them in our gameroom at some point.

  2. Happy Birthday! I'd say yes, you are a tad obsessed with Lego so I guess I learned something new about you today.
    Great cards. I like the embossing on the first one and the sheen you gave those birds. The second one reminds me of a garden with the lattice work... it's like you can see the vines growing up the trellis. You've got some great embossing folders!

  3. Happy birthday! Your cards are beautiful. I like the lattice look and flowers on the last card.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! What FUN! And for DH to know what you like and what you needed. He's amazing! Hugs - Kel