Friday, 21 June 2013

My Really lovely House scrap page

I made this a while back.  I LOVE this scrap page.  This is the page that actually made me realized I could do scrap pages.  I had always found it very difficult to make them but this page came so naturally and I love it.

Talking about homes, I just want to send out hugs and comforting thoughts to those in Calgary dealing with the flooding.  Check out this video for the unbelievable fury of all that water.   I have checked with our friends and family and they are in safe places.

It is times as these that really make you appreciate your own current circumstances, my home, and my family.

Hugs to everyone today,

Nicole G


  1. LOVE this layout! Might just have to case :-) Turned out great, Nicole. Hugs and Blessings! ~Kel

  2. beautifully done. nothing like the excitement that comes from a new home .great job with the clouds on the background

  3. Such a nice keepsake Nic and a wonderful way to hold a memory.